“We are all Meant to Shine as Children do”. Roxanne Shares her Thoughts on SheTravels

By September 14, 2015SheTravels

We are all Meant to Shine as Children do. Roxanne Shares her Thoughts on SheTravels

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.”  Marianne Williamson

SheTravels Toronto puts women directly in the spot light allowing them to shine.  It was an honour to be a participant, an interviewer, a greeter and part of the overall planning in support of Sara Shirley’s vision for women to face fear head on.  Sara leads the way in how she lives her own life.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching her figure out how to move through it, over it, under it…whatever it takes.  It is never easy, making it a triumph just to keep moving.  Worth celebrating! Which is really what SheTravels is all about.

Sara and her vision for SheTravels offers inspiration through women for women.  We have a voice that must be heard, a vision that won’t be dampened and a mission & purpose that requires our boldest and bravest selves to emerge.  As women we know the wild and wonderful spirit within that is desperately wanting to break free AND together we can break down the obstacles.

From the beginning my experience with She Travels and Sara were a reminder of the power of youthful energy, connection and storytelling.  We are moved and inspired by the stories of others.  Both as an interviewer and greeter I delighted in watching how women opened up and spoke their truth with humility, sometimes shyness AND always drenched in a powerful determination to make a contribution to the larger dialogue in an effort to make an impact—a difference.

The biggest surprise for me came as a greeter.  Feeling a bit removed from the process in the room where all the “magic” happened, my expectations for real connection with the participants on day 2 were low.  AND yet, they thrilled me from start to finish.  Each one arrived with an open, cautious almost nervous energy—not knowing what was ahead.  One asked me what questions she could expect and quickly stopped herself and said, “I want to be authentic in the moment so forgive me for disrespecting this exciting process.”  Each one was open and vulnerable before going in and, almost to a person, they stayed long afterward to debrief, share a laugh, a story and an inspiring word before they went off to continue their busy days.  It was magical for me!

As a participant I was humbled by the prospect of sharing a piece of myself.  I carried the moment into the rest of my day helping me understand the need for others to debrief and connect after the powerful experience of being in the glow of the spot light Sara shone on each of us.  I found myself able to remain in the moment and reveal things I had not yet processed myself making it a very vulnerable, raw and beautiful experience.

SheTravels Toronto was an inspired idea, birthed and nurtured by a young woman destined to inspire others to contribute more than they ever hoped or thought possible by sharing and learning in community with each other.  Thank you Sara.   You have built a community around you that will nurture and celebrate your journey just as you have our’s.  To the Journey!



Rox Bartel is a Certified Coach, Performance Consultant, Speaker and Podcaster with a passion for lifting up and supporting women in leadership who want to bring a bold and fresh voice to the workplace.  Through her business, ImpactBank (www.impactbank.ca), she offers kickass approaches and learning experiences with compassion and creativity.

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