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Inspiring Women to Go After your Dreams Despite your Fears

Are you about to take a leap of faith? Do you feel you are heading into the unknown? Is there a yearning that is calling you forward?

This project aims to capture your story in words and photographs to honour your fear, inspire others, and celebrate change in all its dimensions.

The SheTravels project invited a diversity of women in the Toronto area to  share their stories as we recorded them in words and images.

They told us what it means to face your fears and do it anyway.

Sara Shirley is a spirited photographer sparked by a thirst for adventure. She left a comfy government job to pursue her dream of photographing people professionally.

She’s often been a solo traveller, which has taken her to far away lands. In late 2015, she moved to Spain, which was something she had always wanted but was always fearful of.

It wasn’t easy with so much uncertainty. But it so worth it.

Drastic change forced Sara to face her fears and inspire other women to listen to their callings as well.

Sara Shirley, Toronto Photographer, SheTravels blog inspiring women to go after their dreams despite their fears


Contact Sara by email at or by phone at +1 416 992 7534

But…the project isn’t over, we plan on continuing and working in other countries. Contact us if you have any comments or ideas!

Our team


Creator, Photographer

Sara is a photographer who just loves to work with people and capture their authenticity. Told many times by her clients that she has a “good energy,” her goal is to make sure that translates every time she works.

She’s a proud Canadian and Torontonian, but also a citizen of the world who has been committed to learning and exploring as much as possible for as long as she can remember.

Sara has felt a pull towards moving to Europe for many years now but has always had an excuse not to take the plunge (job, a lack of support from family, the distance, etc.). After returning from a month-long trip to Brazil in the winter of 2015, she just knew she had to finally do it.

Inspired to support other women to overcome their fears and “do it afraid”, Sara created the SheTravels Project. She can’t wait to see what kind of change it can make in women’s lives.

Connect with Sara:

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Writer, Editor, Interviewer

Shari Lash is as inspired by unearthing people’s stories as she is about harvesting the wisdom within them. With a sharp mind, a big heart, and a twinkle in her eye, she leads groups with compassion and writes profiles that capture attention. 

Her company, WholeSTEP offers creative services around transition, empowerment, and “being seen” authentically. As a former researcher and academic author, she knows how to gather information and encourage her clients to describe, and own, their strengths. As a certified Life Skills Educator and Collective Wisdom Circle Host, she brings a unique approach to her leadership and program designs. Whether leading groups or working one-on-one, Shari’s intuition, sense of humour, and enthusiasm for learning informs all that she does. For more information, please visit


Interviewer, Project Contributor

Pinch-able cheeks, a wry wink and a hearty laugh are classic Roxanne “Rox” Bartel. For 25 years these qualities allowed her to playfully “stir things up” in every role from Trainer to CEO.

Today Rox is “stirring it up” with her own business, ImpactBank, where she offers business coaching and performance consulting. She is jazzed by helping women who are ready to kick-some-ass in their work & world! Ask her about her new podcast “Kickass Koach” and the women-centric MasterMind Program she is piloting in Fall 2015.

Grace, wisdom beyond her years, and the personality to wear her signature red shoes – she’s got it all!

Website. Twitter: @unpack4impact. @thekickasskoach. Facebook

Liam Kearney


Liam Kearney is a video producer and filmmaker, with a passion for storytelling. He believes storytelling is universal, crossing geographic and cultural boundaries, with the ability to evoke emotions, empathy and change.

You can connect with him and view his work at

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This project has been graciously supported by CSI.

The Centre for Social Innovation is a coworking space, community, and launchpad for social mission organizations – learn more at

It’s a special place in the city of Toronto and we’re so excited to be using the space.