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So many of us have ideas and dreams that we put on hold. There are passions that we have that we don’t explore because we’re waiting for something to change before we jump into them. When I have more money… when I have more time… when I have a partner… when I lose 10 lbs…

Sometimes, we feel the dreams and visions we have are ‘too big’ and we don’t believe we can achieve them. So we put them off in the ‘someday’ category. The problem is that ‘someday’ is always in the future and we never catch up to it!

What if you took some time to figure out what really matters to you and what you want to create in your life? What if, once you were clear, you took one tiny step today to live into that passion or dream?

It is the tiny, incremental steps that allow us to realize our dreams and goals. If you are not sure what your goal or dream is, that is the first step for you to take. Schedule some time with yourself to explore what you would like to create. This time could involve daydreaming, journaling, talking to a friend or even a qualified professional like a coach. Think about what you have always wanted to do in your life but have yet to do. Do you long to travel, to start a business, to achieve a healthy body or something else?

Once you have clarity around where you are going, you can take a small step in that direction. Those small, daily steps, will begin to create exponential results once you get going.  You can even take that first small step today, right now!

I personally took a very large step, and in retrospect, I now see how smaller actions would have been less dramatic and more effective. I was a teacher for 8 years and found it to be a meaningful career that brought financial security. However, in my fifth year of teaching, I had a really horrible class that made me question not only my abilities, but also whether this was what I wanted to be doing with my life. After a few more years, and some reflection around what I really wanted to create in my life, I made the decision to quit.  I knew there had to be another way that I could use my skills, passions and desire to help others that was a better fit for me. If I had waited ‘for someday’ and for circumstances to be perfect, I likely wouldn’t be where I am today.

After that giant leap though, it has been small step by small step to create a business that I love. I  am fortunate to help people in a meaningful way and to express even more of myself and my gifts. There continue to be scary moments but they are infused with more passion and excitement than I have ever had. I know that if I didn’t continue to pursue this dream, that it would be something I would regret.

So, what is it that is calling to YOU in this moment? The calling could be a gentle whisper or maybe quite a strong nudge, especially if this vision or idea has come up for you many times over the years.

You only get one life, so why not live it to the fullest and truly express all aspects of yourself. I believe that we regret the things we didn’t do, not the things we did do.

A client I worked with a few years ago around her passions, recently re-connected with me. One of the things she got clear about then was how much she loved to make people laugh. Guess what? Just a few weeks ago, she did her first stand up comedy routine at Second City! She took a series of small steps that got her up on stage doing what she loves, and she continues to take steps to further bring her passion to life.

Were some of those steps a little scary? Sure. If she continues on the path she’s travelling now, some of her future steps could be totally out of her comfort zone. They will really challenge her to believe in herself and to put herself out there.

But that is the beauty of the small steps! Not only will those steps move you closer and closer to your dream, but they will gradually expand what you think is possible for yourself, a little bit at a time.

Now it’s your turn.  What will you start stepping into today?

Life is short. Be who you are. Do what you love!


Andra Wochesen has been called a lighthouse for others and a compassionate navigator through uncharted waters. She brings over 20 years experience in the education and self-development field to her coaching practice and encourages men and women to take inspired action steps to live their life with purpose.

As a Certified Life Coach and Passion Test Facilitator, she works with groups, individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs, intuitively incorporating a variety of techniques to help her clients clarify their direction and assemble a roadmap for the journey.

Andra learned a great deal from her own challenge of career transition. She walked away from a secure teaching career and took a leap of faith to follow her passions. The experience planted the seeds for her coaching practice. Her enthusiasm is fuelled by her love of adventure travel with her husband, supporting orphaned elephants in Africa, and the beauty of nature that lives just outside her door.

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