SheTravels with Emily: “ Dance all night and smell the roses ”

By January 1, 2016SheTravels

“Dance all night and smell the roses”.

That’s become Emily Rose Antflick’s motto and it’s helping her to create a balanced, authentic, wild and courageous life…and a new career.

As of last April, Emily had been working in education for more than 10 years, largely in institutions where she felt limited and held back from being creative. At the same time, she was unhappy in her relationship, making herself small and living in her partner’s shadow. As this all slowly drained away her natural spark and energy, the struggle became compounded by the fact that her workplace did not allow for her to show up authentically. There was constant pressure to put up a front and mask her feelings.

Emily was exhausted, physically unwell, and waking from nightmares dreading the day ahead. Her body was trying to tell her something. So, in the same week that she and her partner peacefully ended their relationship, Emily quit her job. It was mid-semester and a bold move, but she had to listen to her body.

As two major parts of her life came to a close, an important challenge presented itself. Emily was the community leader for G-Day, a community-based right of passage for girls that she had brought to Toronto from Vancouver. To be ready for the event in May, Emily had one month to pour herself into the project and to meet the challenge of organizing over 20 presenters, 35 volunteers and a host of attendees and sponsors. She’d never before been in charge of an event like this and it was a huge risk for her to take the lead, but something was telling her to step up to the challenge.

With playfulness, daring and courage, Emily not only organized the event, but also MCed on the big day.  The feedback and press for the event were very positive and Emily got a huge boost of confidence: she could do this, she was capable, she was on the right track.

Emily has kept that momentum going ever since and is starting to do the work of her dreams. In October, she launched SheCoSystem, a coworking space and community hub where women can work in integrity, cultivate personal and professional wellbeing and connect with a supportive ecosystem. These coworking, wellness and mentorship meetups are creating the foundations for a workspace that welcomes women: mind, body and soul. Thanks to popular demand, Emily is expanding the meetups to twice weekly and looking forward to growing the community.

Emily is also now a fully certified Dance Our Way Home facilitator and has been hosting healing dance journeys for women. This summer, she also hosted her first co-created women’s retreat, creating sisterhood and connection to the wild woman in us all.

Emily still wrestles with self-doubt. The insecure voices of fear still emerge sometimes, but she’s working to acknowledge and move through them. In the end, they are the very reason she’s doing the work of helping women to show up authentically.

Get into your body, get into nature and then listen.

Soon you too will be dancing all night and smelling the roses.

Amanda Milroy

Article written by Amanda Milroy

Amanda is passionate about languages and writing and has a degree in translation and professional and technical communication. She’s honoured to be part of the SheTravels team and to help put these inspiring stories out into the world.

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